Tattoo Removal Procedure

The laser tattoo removal industry is growing rapidly and not every studio is the same. The process of removing a tattoo is not a simple one. It requires medical expertise, training, experience and the right tools to successfully remove a tattoo.

When deciding on where to get your tattoo removed many things need consideration. Doing research and having the right information is key when choosing a studio. When the taking the cost of laser removal into consideration, being informed will help you make the right investment! Not all lasers are the same and every studio has different processes. After years of removing tattoos we have found that the R20 process works best and suggest that people looking to have a tattoo removed inquire with their local studio ask for detailed information about the process the studio prefers.

So what is the R20 procedure and what are the benefits?

Less treatments: The R20 procedure stacks up to four treatments in one session, which means patients will experience less treatment than standard, which is always good to know for patients worried about how much they will be spending per treatment and the pain involved with each procedure.

Less pain: The R20 procedure is also guaranteed a less painful experience than the standard methods, which is a relief to those worried about the pain associated with laser tattoo removal. The amount of pain people experience does not directly depend on this alone. Each person tolerates pain differently and placement of tattoos being removed is a factor. This procedure also causes less damage to the skin and that is why it is less painful than others.

You also see the results in a shorter amount of time! The R20 procedure gives patients results quicker than other tattoo removal processes. The R20 procedure removes and lightens tattoos in a shorter amount of time than traditional laser tattoo removal. This means that patients will see dramatic lightning and good results after a single session where patients undergoing laser tattoo removal process elsewhere may not begin seeing results until three to four sessions. A few R20 sessions are still required to remove the tattoo to the client's liking, but the R20 process above most processes will deliver great results in the shortest amount of time.

Not everyone is eligible for the R2O process and this would be determined during your consultation. The factors that help make that decision include skin type, tattoo size & color and the clients overall health. The most important aspect of successful tattoo removal is ones own health. The stronger a persons immune system is, the more likely the tattoo will fade. The lasers work to break up the ink under the skin, but the body is doing the real work. Having lots of rest, good health and avoiding the sun is something everyone can do to make sure that treatments are successful.

ERASE is the only tattoo removal studio in the Chicago area offering the R20 tattoo removal procedure. Patients typically see dramatic lightening after a single session.

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