Mouth Ulcer Remedies

  • Gargling with Coriander decoction will gives to get rid of Mouth ulcer.
  • Brushing with Indian beach (Kanuga) tree is a good treatment for cutting the Mouth ulcer.
  • Eating of coconut is also a very natural homemade treatment for Mouth ulcer.
  • Gargling with juice take out from dates flower (karjurapu puvvu) will gives relief from pain of Mouth ulcer.
  • Applying the tella maddi churnam with oil on the affected area will give instant relief from Mouth ulcer.
  • Make a decoction of Pomegranate tree roots will immediately heals from mouth ulcer.
  • Make a decoction of babool black (nalla tumma) tree leaves and gargle this decoction is a very useful to treat the Mouth ulcer.
  • Take sugar candy in cup of water and mix well. Gargle this water for twice a day to cures the Mouth ulcers.
  • Gargling with Land-Caltrops juice mixed with honey will helps to give instant relief from Ulcers in mouth as well as foulness of the breath.
  • Take milk of banyan tree and gargle two times a day to curing Mouth ulcer.
  • Gargling with metta tamara leaves juice or decoction to heals the pain from Mouth ulcer.
  • Make a juice of raw wood apple and gargling with this juice will cure Mouth ulcer.

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