Best Hiccup Remedy in World

Hiccup Remedies

1. The simplest way to cure hiccups - success rate is amazing:

  • Take a very deep full breath 
  • Hold breath in 
  • Swallow all the saliva in your mouth 
  • Repeat whilst still holding breath 
  • Repeat a 3rd time

Make sure a full deep breath is held whilst doing this. The 3rd swallow should be difficult, if you find it easy then you are not trying to swallow your saliva hard enough. If you hiccup whilst doing this method; stop then start again. This method works 90% of the time, its best to try it a few times until you get it right. Hiccups cure.

2. The back up plan hiccups cure which always works.

Get a medium-large glass of water - at least 350ml. Whilst standing lean over so your head is below the groin. Now drink the full glass of water upside down- this means drinking whilst bent over with the glass on the top lip. Try not to breath whilst doing this but it is OK to pause and breath through the nose briefly whilst still in the bent over forward position.

I always used to use this 2nd cure and it always worked, and now just use it on the rare occasions that the 1st hiccups cure doesn't work. This is the 100% success method to stop hiccups but isn't so easy to do, especially if drunk.

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