Jaw Pain Remedies: A Simple Trick to Stop Jaw Pain When Chewing

Jaw pain when chewing or at any other time is not only unpleasant it can also affect your health in many other ways too.

If you're like many people you may think only a visit to the doctor can help. Wouldn't you prefer an alternative?

If you have pain in your jaw that just doesn't seem to go away, there could be several reasons that are hard to uncover.

Worse, for many of us, the jaw pain causes even more pain in the form of migraines, popping jaw, and can even make eating unpleasant.

Among all the home remedies jaw pain is one of the easiest to fix and you can do it at any time.

Before going to the doctor, try this simple trick that almost always works.

Here's what you do:

Step 1: Place your fist softly below your jaw, just like when you pose for a cheesy portrait.

Step 2: Now, using your fist as a barrier that prevents your jaw from moving, softly open your jaw into your fist.

Step 3: Keep your jaw open, counting to 7 silently.

Step 4: Close your jaw, relaxing it as much as possible, and counting to 3 silently.

Step 5: Repeat these steps 3 times or until you feel your jaw relaxing and the pain going away.

Some advice about this and other jaw pain remedies: Make sure you don't overdo anything and don't exert too much pressure. You just need to turn on the muscles.

If you exert too much pressure, it will lead to muscle strain and maybe add to your pain instead of decreasing it.

Why this works: This simple exercise works on the basis of a massage concept called "reciprocal inhibition".

What it does is works one set of muscles while it forces the other set of muscles into an opposite movement that relaxes those muscles naturally.

The result is that when you engage your jaw muscles that open your mouth, the ones that close your jaw will naturally relax as your brain will send a signal to those muscles to "chill out".

It's amazing that such a simple exercise can be so effective, but it works for many people.

Moreover, it just might be the one thing that helps you eliminate the problem. Best of all, it is a natural remedy that is very easy among all the jaw pain remedies you might find out there and there are no side effects.

Try it and see if it works for you.

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