Get Rid Of Scars Naturally

Here are two simple tips that will help you remove your scars the natural way:

Dudu Osun

This is a great product. Dudu Osun, also called black soap, is an African soap made in Nigeria that helps remove scars, mostly acne scars. I have tried it myself and it's amazing, it really works. As you might not know, African women and Africans in general have mostly very smooth, clear and beautiful skins. That's because they eat, drink and apply natural products in their daily lives.

The technologies and superficial ingredients used in the west to modify products take the natural ingredients out of these products. That's why they never work long-term. Dudu Osum contains natural scar fighting ingredients such as lemon juice extract, palm ash and aloe Vera that will eliminate or greatly reduce your scars.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is an organic bleaching agent due to the fact that it has natural acidity properties. It works its magic on dark spots by lightening them up, thus reducing their appearance and visibility. You can use lemon juice directly on your face or use it as a mask if you want. My sister and I even drank it which also helps. Dudu Osun mentioned above has tons of it which is why it works so well.
Dudu Osun and Lemon juice are very effective at removing scars. Most importantly, they're made the natural way, no ineffective creams and expensive surgeries.

Other Home Remedies for Treatment of Scars

- Take some vitamin E capsules. Open them and smear the powder or the oil of these capsules onto the scars. This will help the scars heal.

- Aloe vera paste can be mixed with the powder of vitamin E capsules. This can be rubbed onto the scar for better results. This must be done several times a day.

- You can also apply honey directly on the scars and leave it overnight. This application must be done frequently so that the scar gets enough time to get healed completely.

- Put the oil of the tea tree onto the scar and gently rub it in several times a day. The scar will vanish in a few days.

- Alternatively, green tea can be slightly blanched, dabbed onto a cotton swab and then massaged onto the scar. This will also help the scar to gradually vanish.

- Rub ice cubes onto the scars. This is a simple remedy to treat the scars. But the ice must be rubbed several times on the face.

- Olive oil is very good in removing scars. However if you don't get olive oil for some reason, then you can take any oil and massage it on the scar several times a day. After many days of such treatment, the scar will eventually wear off.

- If the scar is due to a pimple, then the following remedy is useful. Mix a tablespoon of sour cream, a tablespoon of yogurt, a tablespoon of ground oatmeal and a few drops of lemon juice and blend it thoroughly. Apply this paste onto the face for ten minutes. Then wash it off. Do this four times in a day. Remember to use low-fat sour cream if you have an oily skin.

- Cut a clove of garlic into half and rub it on the pimples when you have them. This helps to treat the pimples without leaving a scar behind later on.

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